Annie 06/09/14 Depletion

anies win

(that’s  me in the middle with my Ax up…I don’t know what to do in pictures)

I’m jumping in on this a little late, so for the next few weeks my training log will be a little crazy.

Currently I am about four days out from NPC Jr. Nationals.  I just finished a warm up show this weekend, learned a ton, and am grateful for the short existence in figure that I’ve had so far.  That said, my heart is in the iron and I cant wait to get back to it.

I had a giant refeed yesterday (400g carbs!) and am finishing up some depletion workouts for the week.

A) Squats 225×15 (whoa, homie…breathing like a dragon.)

B1) Wide Grip Pull ups x 12,10,10

B2) Handstand pushups x 15,15,15

B3) 24 inch box jump x 20,20 20

C1) 1 arm DB rows x 15,15,15 (80lb DB)

C2) Pushups x failure x 3

C3) Plyo Lunges 30,30,30

D1) Pullovers x 15,15,15

D2) Dips x 15, 15, 15

D3) Squat Jumps x 20, 20, 20 (bar only)

10 minutes HIIT afterward 15 seconds sprint, 45 seconds jog.



Current macros are sitting at



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