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2021 Midsouth Transformation Kickstarter

Last year showed us all how important our health and fitness really is. Taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and socially ensures we’re better prepared to navigate the tough times and enjoy the good times more fully. Our level of health and fitness sets the tone for our quality of life. That’s what makes it so important. But it’s not easy.

That’s why the three top health and fitness companies in the Mid South are teaming up to help you kickstart your health and fitness in 2021 with our Mid South Transformation Kickstarter, sponsored by NBS Fitness, Amplified Meal Prep, and Nutrishop.

Contest Dates: March 1st – April 30th

Initial Weigh Ins: February 26th – March 1st 

Final Weight Ins: April 30th – May 2nd

Check out some of our previous transformations:

Here's how it works:

Once you’ve filled out your information below, you’ll schedule your first InBody scan. The InBody is a machine that measure your body composition. This will show us your starting point for the transformation. Over the 9 weeks we’ll be sending you information on training, nutrition, and supplementation to help guide you and keep you accountable. After the 9 weeks, you’ll come back in for another InBody scan and we’ll compare your results. You’ll get points for gaining muscle and losing body fat. The scoring works like this:

1 lb muscle gain= 1 point

1 lb fat loss= 1 point

1% fat loss= 1 point

1 lb muscle loss= -1 point

The male and female with the most points win:


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9 Week Transformation

Is 9 weeks enough to see results?

Absolutely! But we’re in this for longer than just 9 weeks. That’s why this is called a Kick Starter. The purpose is to jump start your health and fitness for years to come. The cost is $20. You’ll get the two InBody scans and all the information to help guide you and keep you accountable along the way. If you’re really serious about reaching your goals and getting great results, we’ll talk to you about our coaching options as well. Get great results, feel good about yourself, and win some cash in 9 weeks!

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