September 2020
Medication non-adherence is when a patient, either intentionally or unwittingly, fails to take a prescription medication as prescribed. Seeing as how 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication and over half take at least two, it is worrisome that between half or more of them fail to take their medication properly, if at...
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With the Clash for Cash getting closer every week here is a brief overview of the events of the competition. The competition is scheduled for the 31st of October and will consist of five events:Press MedleyYoke + Keg CarryFarmer’s Hold Husafell CarryDeadlift  The press medley will consist of three implements clean and pressed in the following order...
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It’s amazing how satisfying weekly meal prepping can feel. If you don’t love cooking, cleaning dishes everyday, or want an easier way to stay on your diet, the best thing you can do is meal prep.  Not only can meal prep curb the urge to call in your favorite takeout on a nightly basis, it...
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