June 30, 2018
Are you one of those people that constantly travels for work, and you can never seem to fit in a simple workout, or never know if there is going to be a gym where you are staying? I know quite a few people who do tons of traveling for work, and this always seems to...
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Cardio timing   Insulin Let’s talk insulin for a second. Insulin is a storage hormone, and it gets released by beta cells in the pancreases in response to rising blood glucose. As the blood glucose raises, the pancreases secrete insulin. Insulin binds to an insulin receptor on a cell, which will cause GLUT4 proteins to...
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…is rarely (though sometimes) the genetic freak.  Before you start peppering me with your anecdotals and acquaintances that defy that statement, I will acknowledge that there are exceptions to that rule. However, the most successful athletes I have known or heard of are usually those who have a bit of genetic predisposition and a lot...
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Over the last several months, Steve and I have been working hard to become debt free. In an effort to reduce our monthly expenses, in January, I sold my jeep and “bought” a less expensive car. After driving the car a couple of months, I decided I didn’t care about the car enough to warrant...
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