September 12, 2017
How Did This Happen Since the introduction, we have had plenty of examples of ways to ruin a gym. Let me remind you that these scenarios listed are things we would kind of like to NOT see when coming into the gym, just to be clear. We are going take a look at equipment that...
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Every one of us at some point in time has walked into their work place and just looked and said, “what in the actual F***?”. Whether it be in your current job, or past job, some job you have been in this has happened. Some of the scenarios you literally have to think about all...
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We were recently nominated for Memphis Best Health Club by the Commercial Appeal and we ended up making it into the top 3 nominees which got us the invitation to The Memphis Most Banquet last Wednesday night. It was a honor to be a part of the event and to know that we were able...
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