May 30, 2016
Picking up on where we left off last time, which was me trying to find some last minute assistance with wrapping my knees. It was at this time that I was doing my warm up sets on squats, and I was trying to get at least one or two sets in with wraps before my...
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Since the last time I wrote in here, I have an interesting training cycle for USS Nationals.  After my first attempt deadlift during the King Of Spring powerlifting meet on April 30, my wrist became swollen and pretty painful.  After two weeks of little to no improvement, I had some imaging done that revealed a...
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Starting a journey in fitness has the potential to be very confusing and difficult. There are many things to consider, ranging from the correct facility to train at to the proper shoes to wear on training day. I’d like to look at two options that will potentially help make your fitness journey less confusing: hiring...
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