Monthly Archives: February 2015

Todays training was much better and more explosive than last week which I am very pleased with. Next week should be fun as the sets and reps will be lower than the previous weeks.

Monday (medium intensity main, high volume accessory)
Buffalo Bar Squats 4×2@ 510
deficit deadlifts 4×3 520

Laying Hamstring Curls: 3×10@ 35’s
45 deg Hyper: 3×15@ BW + Red Band (doubled)

Banded Pull Throughs: 3×15@ Grey
Glute Bridge: 3×15@ 90

Sling Shot Bench press 4×2@ 405

Cambered Bar OH Press 2×10@ 25’s
Sing. Arm Cable Lat. Raises 2×15@ 20

Meadows Rows 2×15@ skip
Db Pull Overs 2×10@ 50

SSB +chains 4×2 475+120 in chain
Buffalo Bar Good mornings out of chains 4×2@ 275

Str8 Leg Deadlifts: 2×10@ 275
Short Bar RB 45 Hyp 2×15@ 35lb bar

GHR Twists: 2×10@ BW
Kneeling Band Crunches 2×15@ blue

My beloved tricep bicep pain has returned!!!!! yay…. (gun to head). I recently disclosed my rough weekend, but I hardly believe that is the cause. This exact time last cycle training with the triphasic program this began to occur. My only explanation is we started on a “closer to normal” squat bar (buffalo bar) and my shoulder mobility was not as good as I thought it has ben getting. With the dynamic movement and the strain on my shoulder I presume that is where the pain is coming from. Shoulder mobility efforts will be be increased to every day!!!

Morning Lift
Tricep pain
Incline Bench Press: 5×2@ 275 (pain)
Neutral Grip DB Bench Press: 5×3@ skip (pain)

Afternoon Lift
Str8 Bar Ext: 2×15@ 140
Standing Behind Neck ext: 2×10@ 70

Face Pull: 2×15@ 80
Snatch Grip Bent Over Row: 2×10@ 145

I am still not recovered from this weekends poor sleeping and food choices. It has in my opinion, trickled over to todays training. It was supposed to be moderate, but the squats were definitely just plan hard. Finished the workout but it was not the way I wanted it to go.

Buffalo Bar 5×2 (use a different bar than last time)
Sumo (Back) deficit 3 mats deadlifts 5×3 (medium intensity, very explosive) 500

Laying Hamstring Curls: 2×10@ 35’s
45 deg Hyper: 2×15@ BW+20lbs

Banded Pull Throughs: 2×15@ Black Average
Glute Bridge: 2×15@ 80lbs

I went out of town friday for a valentines day wedding for my cousin. I attempted to drive back sunday and come straight to the gym and train, this was not optimal and neither was the food I ate or the sleep I acquired over the weekend. This was a very hard training session, also very disappointing, Jim almost had to save me twice.

3 Board Bench Press w/chains 2×1 375+80 in chain barely

OH Press: 135×13-11-8-7
Rear Delt Destroyer- 80(40) 40(40) 20(10) 5(10)

Austin V Bar pullovers: 90x 22-20-17-15
Pull-ups: BW x 15-10-8-6

So prior to this I was worried where my strength was at. Today was a good day and a confirmation that I am progressing for sure!

Spider Bar +chains 3×1 (use your comp stance) 530+120 in chain
Opposite Stance Deadlifts w/chains off 3 matts: 2×1 585+120 in chain

Pin Good mornings: 4×10@ 185
Reverse Hypers: 3x(15-13-11)

Swiss Bar Bench Press 3×2 (4 second isometric) 285
Bench Press into Pins 3×1 (5-6 second isometric) (set pins about 1 or 2 below lockout) (use 80-85% of max bench) 305 (slow)

2 Tricep Exercises
Rolling tricep Extensions: 4x (18-13-13-10) @35
Standing Overhead Tricep Ext: 4x (15-12-8-7)@2×110-2×90
2 Upper Back Exercises
Pendely Row: 4x (20-18-16-14) @ 155
Pronated Chest Pulls 4x (20-18-16-14) @110

this week starts the last week in the Isometric block! then on to Dynamic accumulation!

Cambered Bar Squats 3×2 (3 second isometric) 465
Above Knee Iso Deadlift Pull 2×1 (5 second isometric) (comp stance) 545

-RDL’s against rails 4×15-14-15-12 @225
-GHR 4×15 @ BW +10lbs

-Weighted glute bridge 4×25 @50lbs
-KB Swings 4×25-25-20-20@orange

3 Board Bench Press w/chains: 3×1@ 365 + 75 chain

OH Press: 4×10 @135
Rear Delt Destroyer- 80(40) 40(40) 20(10) Arms(10) one time!!!

Austin V Bar pullovers:4×15 @ 70
Pull-ups: 4×10 @BW

So programing calls for 120lbs in chains at the top which is 6 chains total (each chain = 20lbs). Unfortunately I am short as hell so each chain goes from 20 to 12 lbs at lockout. so I added chains to 8 chains total and we did the math (after) and I still fell short of prescribed weight needed in chains, was around 65-100 lbs. Lesson learned. I made damn sure I had all 120lbs of chains working on my deadlifts today though

Spider Bar + chains (use your comp stance): 4×1@ 500 + 8 chains (about 95-100lbs)
Opposite Stance Deadlifts w/chains off 3 matts: 3×1@ 505 + 120 in chains

Pin Good mornings: 4×10@ 135 (pin 17)
Reverse Hypers: 4×15@ 180

Reverse Crunches: 4×10@ BW
Standing Rope Cable Crunches: 4×15@ 60

Last week I failed my last rep on my last set. This is a medium intensity day so I decided to stay at the same weight and we are tapering every week so I also dropped off one set (4×3 instead of 5×3). It was a good day and the weight was moving well.

Swiss Bar Bench Press 4×3 (4 second isometric) 265
Bench Press into Pins 4×1 (5 second isometric) (set pins about 1 or 2 below lockout) (use 80-85% of max bench) 300


Rolling tricep Extensions: 3×15@ 30
Standing Overhead Tricep Ext: 3×10@ 110

Pendely Row: 3×10@ 165
Pronated Chest Pulls: 3×15@ 100

Buffalo or Cambered Bar Squats 4×2 (3 second isometric) 445
Below Knee Iso Deadlift Pull 3×1 (5 second isometric) (use your comp stance) (use 80-85% of max deadlift) 525

RDL’s against rails 3×10@ 165
GHR 3×15@ BW

Weighted glute bridge 3×15@ 80
KB Swings 3×15@ Green

Had a few issues with chain length today that David straightened out for us. Benching with chains gets a little technical since we want all the chains to reload at the bottom. The day went well for me and stallion tricep pain!

3 Board Bench Press w/chains: 4×1@335+ 4 chains

OH Press: 3×10@ 1×115 2×135
Rear Delt Destroyer 2x-80(20) 40(20) 20(10) arms (10)

Austin V Bar pullovers: 3×15@ 80
Pull-ups: 3×10@ BW