January 26, 2015
Incline Close Grip Bench 2×2 (5 second negative): 285 (spotter help on 2nd rep 2nd set) Neutral DB Floor Press 2×2 (5 second negative): 140 (spotter help on 2nd rep 2nd set) 3 Tricep Exercises 3xMax: 1)DB JM Press 3×15@ 35 (19-15-14) 2) Seated behind head Tri. Ext. 3×15@ 90 (16-14-12) 3) 1.5 Tri. Ext....
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This week starts the last of our Eccentric Mesocycle. All the weights will hopefully be heavier than when we started 2 weeks ago. Yoke Bar Box Squat 2×2 (5 second negative) (set the box below parallel)@ 375 Cambered Bar Wide Stance Good mornings 2×2 (5 second negative)@ 335 3 Hamstring exercises 3xMax 1) Partner leg...
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