August 31, 2014
“We don’t get stronger in training, we get stronger in recovery.” -Josh Thigpen, 3x WSM Competitor and author of Cube for Strongman Everyone knows rest is important. In the midst of this three day holiday weekend, founded on the idea that the workforce needs to rest sometimes, this topic seems particularly poignant. Tips for recovery...
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Today was by far the hardest and worst training day I have ever experienced. We were to do 7 second eccentrics which ended up being more like 4-5 seconds on squats, I just could hold it. I also failed by not being strong enough to hold the weight in the front rack position, so I...
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Today’s training was pretty strong. The only discomfort I ran into was during the reactive medball throws. This explosive movement aggravates my triceps. A1: Close Grip Bench: 4×1 @320 A2: Reactive Med Ball Pass 4×3 @12 A1: Standing Barbell Press 3×1 @195 A2: Explosive Pushup: 3×3 Circuit: 3×6 Bent Rows DB Skullies Neutral Pull-ups Seated...
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