June 27, 2014
Sometimes you press the log, and then sometimes the log tries to kill you. Yesterday was one of the latter. I didn’t even get video because I was expecting two more jumps before I would top out. Ended up not working out that way. Oh well. Main thing is that I manage to make it...
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Have I mentioned how much I hate front squats? Thursday (quads, calves, abs) Single Arm DB Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat 2-3 warm ups, 1×4 drop sets 8-12 per set WU 15,20. Work 30, drop 25,20,15,10 Front Squats 2-3 warm ups, 8×8 (45 sec break) WU bar,55,60,65 Backwards Sled Walks 300 yards 70 lbs Standing...
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If you ask my grandma, “bodybuilder” and “powerlifter” are synonyms. We all lift weights and wear spandex and eat food.  Tomato, tomahto. Yeah, I know, she’s wrong.  I know she’s wrong because I have recently taken a little time out from powerlifting to pursue a little time in physique sports.  Over the past six months...
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