June 18, 2014
I havent had a deadlift day in way too long. ¬†Everything felt great, so today I got back in the saddle. A)Deads: 135×10, 155×10, 185×10, 225×8, 245×8, 275×5, 315×5, 335×5, 365×3, 385×3, 405x3x1 ¬†(WHOOT!) Not an all time PR, but im back at 138lbs, so its a PR at this bodyweight. TRIPLE BODYWEIGHT DEADLIFT!!! B1)...
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Yes, you saw that right. An ME day. Programming switched up to hit the gas leading into my meets this fall. Have adjusted up a day to 4 days a week. Training ME Lower on Tuesday, ME Upper on Thursday, Events Saturday, with a Bodybuilding Day on Sunday to hit whatever needs to be hit....
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Tuesday -arms A1: Rope Pressdowns w/pause 3×10 -40,50,50 A2: Single Arm Chain Extensions 1.5 reps 3×10 -single ch w/ ball Tricep Hell (1,2,3,4 board) 5 reps each till failure- 65,70,75 finish B1: Cross Body Hammer Curls 3×10 – 15 DB B2: EZ Curl Bar 1.5 reps 3×10 -15 lb total Fat Grip EZ Curl Bar...
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