June 14, 2014
Up in Chattanooga supporting Jennifer in her first figure comeptition. After riding in the car the last couple days, walking around town, and lack of sleep, today’s goal was just to get in and get some deadlift work done in the briefs. This was the first time I had worked back into gear since hurting...
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So I’m about 7 weeks out from Refuge and about 12 weeks out from Tennessee’s Strongest Man at this point. Coming off a week off to try and get my fire back and catch up on life stuff. I didn’t really accomplish that, but I’m revamping my training to hear up for the last few...
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the past 12 weeks has been lonely when it comes to training. This is due to my school and client scheduling, I have not had many opportunities to train with many of the team members. Today was an exception and it was fun to be around the team members that did show up (even though...
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