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May 13, 2014
Originally I wanted to do this whole block using specialty bars and no box. I felt that I needed to make an extreme change since I have yet to utilize all the chains in the gym. I decided to go for a lot of chains today and add straight weight to the chains instead of...
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Good session all around today, even though I felt like crap by the time I got off work. I think one of the kiddos I work with finally got me sick again. I’ve got all kinds of congestion crap kicking me in the teeth, and its just simply not fun. Since tomorrow should be storming...
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Finally got back up to some decent raw squat weight. Today felt good and I feel like I definitely could’ve done 600. Monday (hamstrings,calves, triceps) ME Squat NCL x3 (Spider Bar, box at 2 black pad, 135,225,275,315,365,405,455,495,545 (585) ) Incline Hamstring Curls 2-3 warm ups 3×10, 1xmax w/partials (25 each side) RDLs against bands no...
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