Work Your Gas Pedal, Enjoy the Ride

If your goal is to drive from Memphis to New York city, you would get in your car, buckle up, put on some tunes and prepare for the journey. You would focus on staying in the correct lane, paying attention to your GPS and following its instructions, checking your gas periodically to make sure you don’t run out and stopping periodically to fill back up and rest. You understand that there are going to be times where the road is open and you can put the pedal down and roll. Other times you are going to get stuck in city traffic, go through construction, or find yourself behind slow drivers. During these periods of your trip you do not continue to keep the gas pedal down because that would be foolish. You would get in a wreck which would slow your progress down and potentially prevent you from making your desired destination. You also don’t turn your car around and drive back home saying screw it. You patiently work the gas pedal to ensure your speed of progress is sufficient for the current situation.

This is how your approach to fitness must be. You can’t expect to go balls to the wall, pedal to the metal for the entire journey: especially if the journey is long. No instead you must enjoy the ride, understanding that there will circumstances outside of your control sometimes. You must be willing to take the journey and once you begin, you must be willing to enjoy the journey enough to have the patience to see it through. If every bump in the road throws you into an emotional tail spin, you are not likely to make it to your final destination. And if you do, you are not likely to appreciate the trip.

Work the gas pedal, enjoy the ride


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