Will Sawyer Competes at USA Weightlifting Collegiate Nationals

NBS Fitness member Will Sawyer recently competed in his first USA Weightlifting Collegiate Nationals competition. Check out what he had to say below:



This was the weekend of Sept 24-25 in New Orleans, and I actually competed on Sunday with having a week of midterm exams starting on Monday.  This was my second meet ever (the first was a month before) and I’ve been into weightlifting just under 2 years, so still relatively new to the sport. The atmosphere was totally unreal, with so many people trying to warm-up on a limited number of platforms and sharing a training hall.  Truly a great learning experience to say the least.  Also, very cool to meet and see people that you follow on Instagram competing in person.  I’m looking forward to training hard and getting back next year to compete again.  Even though I’m a student at the Southern College of Optometry, I’m a member of the Iron Tigers Weightlifting club that trains out of the University of Memphis.

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