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Why You Should Use Bands in Training

Resistance band training can (and should) be added to your daily workouts. They can be utilized in many ways, from stretching through an increased range of motion, to performing high-volume work in your workouts.

  1. With high-volume resistance band work, you will strengthen connective tissue, which in turn will prevent possible soft tissue injuries.
  2. Greater storage of kinetic energy. Tendons provide a series elastic component (SEC). When the SEC is stretched during eccentric ROM the SEC acts as a spring which correlates to higher reversible strength (ability to go from eccentric to concentric contractions) improving the overall explosive strength.
  3. Band work can be done with higher reps of work with no risk of injury.
  4. Adding banded resistance training also help with mind/muscle connection. This is especially important for kids and older untrained adults as they are able to feel the correct musculature working.

Options to consider would be:
-100-200 single leg banded hamstring curls
-150 double leg banded hamstring curls
-100-150 Banded Pull Throughs
-100-200 Banded Tricep Push Downs
-100-200 Banded Face Pull Aparts
-100-200 Banded Pull Downs

5 Way Shoulder Stretch
Tight Hips

Start with lighter bands and a bit less volume. As you continue to progress, increase your volume and band strength and use antagonistic supersets instead of completing all reps at once.

When stretching, ease into it and take time to progress as you continue to increase your ranges of motion.

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