Wedge Into Your Bench

Have you ever heard the cue “wedge into the bar” when hearing someone coach? If not you have not heard a damn thing said at NBS Fitness, it is a “staple cue” that many of the heavier squatters use along with a variety of others. This cue helps set the bar on your shelf which is made by muscles in your upper back. Ok cool, so why does the title mention bench? Have you ever heard the cue to wedge your back in during a bench, probably not, which could also be why you look like Gumby trying to hold weight over you.

It is now an ongoing thing that I get cussed out by Dave Tate every time I visit the S4 Compound, I’m like the step child that always messes up and gets scolded. So after my lashes, I just sat like a fly on the way and see him coach others, the last trip to the compound for the team UGSS he coached many lifters on the bench press and I picked up a few new cues. Now, these cues did not make my wedge into the bench pad but I decided to try it to implement Dave’s cues after my walk out which I was having trouble with. My Lats kept adjusting and I would slightly slide cause I did not have enough pressure pushing into the bench pad so learn from my #PovertyBench to not make the same mistakes.

To implement, after you set your feet in position BEFORE YOU DRIVE YOUR BACK INTO THE PAD, I want you to grab the bar with both hands. Now, I want you to push against the bar (needs to be a loaded bar) forcing your body to the bench and hold it there. Once you have yourself pressed in nice and solid THEN drive with your legs wedging your arch into place and locking your lats and loading your triceps and lats in preparation to un-rack the bar.

  • Set up
  • Push against loaded bar until upper back is pressed into bench pad
  • when you cannot push any harder start leg drive and wedge (pin) back to the pad
  • keep triceps and lats loaded and ready to un-rack
  • keep this position the whole time


Stay tuned for article and video soon

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