Why Warming Up Before a Round is Important – Part 2

Part 2

Last month, I started an article about the importance of warming up properly before a round of golf. So, let’s review what we talked about in the last post. How many of you walk up to the tee, grab your club and just hit the ball, as the player in the video below?

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’d bet a fair amount of money that the majority of you reading this are guilty. I know I am. But, why is it important we warm up properly? Golf is a rotary ballistic sport and puts a tremendous amount of force on the body. Not only is it important to warm up and prepare our body for the physical demands of golf, the right warm up before you play can improve your ball striking ability, smash factor, and driving distance. Not warming up properly will not only hurt our performance, but there is a good chance it could lead to injury, which no golfer wants.

Now, you see why its important to warm up. But, how do we do it? It’s simple. I like to break my warm ups into three parts; putting, easy chipping, and stretch/full swings. The first two steps are straight forward. But, what are the best stretches to do before performing full swings on the practice facility. It’s important we target all the muscles used during a golf swing. Here are a list of stretches that I feel prepare your body for the physical demands of golf.

1.Neck Circles

2. Arm Circles (Both Ways) 

3. Shoulder Stretch

4. Forearm and Wrist Stretch

5. Pelvic Tilt

6. Upper Body Rotation

7. Lower Body Rotation

8. Toe Touch

9. Hamstring/Calf Stretch

10.  Squat to Overhead 

Next time, you’re at the course, make sure that you try this warmup before your start your round and reap the benefits as shown below. Im not guaranteeing you will be a tour pro like this golfer, but I bet you perform better and play better.


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