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Two Weeks Out From Meet: Training Update

Since I haven’t shared any of my training lately, I figured I would give an update on how our peaking is going this close to the meet. This Friday and Saturday are our last heavy lower and upper days before deloading.

I hit some new numbers at the compound two weekends ago, and  I hit some new squat and bench numbers again this past weekend. For the most part, everything has been feeling good, or as good as it can feel this close to meet time. I believe my higher bodyweight has definitely helped me out some this cycle, especially on my squat. All of my teammates seem to be progressing quite well too. We have all had a pretty good training cycle, and I think we are all ready to put it all together on the platform.

I have a couple of videos to share from my lower body on Friday and upper body on Saturday.

Below is a video of my squat where I worked up to 520 for a single. It definitely moved pretty easy, and I felt like I probably had more, but my lower back was pretty smoked and I still had to work up to a heavy single on deadlifts afterwards, so I decided to save the rest for next week.

Below is a video of my bench from the following day where I worked up to 300 for a single. Obviously, bench is not my strongest lift. I have been trying for a while to really dial it in, and I will say that this past cycle it has felt the best and strongest yet. My setup has changed slightly, and I have much more leg drive than ever before. It was pretty nice to finally hit the 300 mark. Hopefully I can keep it climbing from here.


Thanks for watching and following along for anybody who is. Your support is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more training updates in the future, and if you are interested, come on out to the Memphis Classic on September 17th here at NBS, and watch some lifting.

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