Top 10 Quotes From RPR Athletes

A month ago, I attended the Reflexive Performance Reset™ (RPR™) seminar at The Spot Athletics Columbus, OH. If you didn’t read about my expectations and review on RPR’s benefits, feel free to do so. Since returning, we’ve hit the ground running with some of our more difficult cases at NBS Fitness. Over the last month we have seen nothing short of awesome results utilizing this technique for correcting compensation patterns. Patients who have received the treatment have seen significant improvements with complicated injuries (new and old) as well as performance gains with RPR.

As Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance is opening up appointments in September to those looking to increase performance and address motor pattern imbalances, I want to continue producing more content in the next few months on Reflexive Performance Reset. The goal is to expose the method to educate current and future patients of its applications. It will allow patients to understand what to expect and when to utilize RPR. To do this, I will release a bonus article/blog this upcoming month explaining the basics of the technique. Following that we will begin reviewing actual cases seen already at NBS.

If you are a regular member at NBS Fitness you may have seen some strange warm up techniques going on with the powerlifting team and staff. Some may be grinding the back of their head, others sticking their thumb into their side or vigorously scratching their ribs. Fear not, the state asylum did not have a recent breakout, these members are actually priming their nervous system to perform efficiently. With any new methodology will come a lot of eyebrow raising and questions. If you have talked to anyone who has gone through RPR, there is a bit of a love/hate involvement with it, especially the first time. However, the performance benefits are too great to not at least give it a shot. Waking the body up is not the most comfortable activity ever, so a lot of comments come out before, during, and after that provide a comic relief. So for those who have been the early adopters for this technique, I would like to give back today with an RPR spin of the classic “Quotes Heard at NBS Fitness”.


Top 10 Quotes Heard While Activating:


10) “I hope you know that no matter what I say to you while we are in here, I do actually like you.” – Richard Brose.


9) “You didn’t tell me this was going to be violent tickling” – Porter Wood


8) “I’m gonna need some time away from you…” – Jim Sadler


7) (After failing a muscle test) “Damn it… I was hoping you didn’t have to beat on me again.” – David Allen, Garrett Blatnik, Jim Sadler.


6) “What?! I don’t even get a break?” -Christian Anto.


5) “You are no longer Dr. Tyrel, you are Dr. Black Magic.” – Jim Sadler


4) “I don’t care what I am doing… when you reset Christian, come and get me.” – David Allen


3) “I think you are actually touching my soul right now.” – Jim Sadler


2) “I’m not sure how I feel about you slapping me in the jaw.” – Annie Gunshow



Special thanks to Joe Schillero for the meme.


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