Things to Consider while Peaking for your first Meet

It is less than a month away, everything you have spent your free time training for is finally here. Just reading that most people will get a slight feeling of anxiety which may also build over the next few weeks the closer the competition gets, and the heavier weight you start moving. Although I am by far an expert in this sport we call powerlifting here is a few things I would like to remind you about leading up to this meet.

#1- You cannot out train recovery

This time during your peak you are trying to break your body down and push it to the limit. This pushes you further into a fatigued state which will be reversed by the tapering of training and loads the last two weeks before the meet. Yes there is a science behind training and that is one of the fun parts of my job, seeing a result of something I prescribed, then adjusting according to the outcome.

#2- Risk reward Factor

These next 4 weeks this is very real, fighting off one’s ego to hit a PR in training, doing all accessories when you feel sick or you are just wrecked from a long day at work. #2 leads back to #1 and if we cannot get our bodies to walk the line of fatigue then bringing it back to be primed for the meet we have done ourselves a disservice. Follow the program set out for you and do what is called for, anything extra now can only hurt you.

#3-” Nothing you do today will make you stronger, everything you do today can make you weaker.” – David Allen

training is a progression which gets us strong over time, not all at one time. Nutrition aids us in getting to a goal over time, not all at once. So keep the progression of your training positive and increasing, try not to fail reps or have a massive form/mental break down. If this happens you have failed to follow #2 thus failing #1 as well. So try to keep #1-3 in your head during these next 4 weeks and hang on for the ride that is powerlifting on the platform, where strength peaks beyond what you previously thought possible



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