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Things you can buy INSTEAD of an awesome gym membership

“I like everything but the price.”

This is something I hear alllll the time about our basic gym membership.  It always amuses me, because the monthly fee is actually right at the average cost of a gym membership in America ( and considering our enrollment fee is a drop in the bucket, the annual cost of our membership is FAR below the average annual membership costs.  Keep in mind, this is a WAY above average gym.

I was recently on the tail end of someone trying (fruitlessly) to talk me down on the price (I dont have the authority to do that).  I asked him what he would be comfortable paying.  He said “25.00-30.00 at most.”

So there we have it: a 15.00 dollar gap that was unjustifiable.  For kicks, here are a few things you can buy for the 15.00 dollars he set out to save:

-7.8 gallons of gasoline at 1.92/gallon

-about 3 pumpkin spice lattes

This crazy cat lady figurine

-five “lightly worn” t-shirts from goodwill

This hilarious toilet paper

-30oz frozen yogurt at Menchies

-Hanson “Middle of Nowhere” CD and a five dollar gift card to apple Itunes

-7ish Monster energy drink, assuming the 2 for 4.00 sale is still going

-A nail polish change at the mall

-15 minute chair massage from questionable practitioners

-3 footlong subway sammiches (must be five dollar footlong applicable

-Dancing with Cats Hardcover (an absolute must read)


I think that basically covers it!  After reviewing this list, I totally get it now.


Wait. No. No I dont.



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