The Foundation: Education and Mental Health

This past week I saw where someone posted on a local message board on Facebook that they were looking for some help with weight loss. There were a few suggestions for trainers or local gyms, a lot of suggestions for MLM products, several medical-related suggestions (ie gastric bypass), and one guy simply said eat less food. The thing I found amusing was that everyone ridiculed the guy who suggested a decrease in caloric consumption. He was called every name in the book and told what a terrible human he was for his suggestion. And, while he might not have used the best bedside manner in delivering his suggestion, it is the one solution that is guaranteed to work. To lose weight you must get in a caloric deficit. 

The problem with the above situation is the guy trying to lose weight didn’t know how and he didn’t know how to find out, so he asked a bunch of people who don’t know (but think they do know) how to solve his problem. You can see the issue with this. 

We like to use this image as a diagram for how to develop someone’s fitness and you can see that the base of the pyramid is education and mental health. There are two reasons people don’t exercise:

  1. They don’t fully understand the positive consequences of exercising or the negative consequences of not exercising. 
  2. They have some sort of mental or emotional block keeping them from making the right decision. (These usually manifest as some type of financial or scheduling “reason.”)

This is why one of the foundations of NBS Fitness is knowledge. It’s vital that we properly educate our clients to help keep them from making poor decisions with regards to their health and fitness (like starting their journey with a cleanse or weight loss wrap). It’s also why another one of our foundations is community. It’s vital that we help provide our clients with a community of coaches and peers who care about their success and can help them navigate the ups and downs.

All of our clients start with a No Sweat Intro and much of the time our job is to help people get out of their own way. Have you ever sat across the table from someone who was going to die in 5 years from poor health but wasn’t ready to make any changes? I have.

Why aren’t you exercising? Is it lack of knowledge or are there some mental and emotional blocks keeping you from making the necessary changes? Do you really know what you are missing out on by not being healthy? Do you really know what the consequences are going to be like in the future? Whatever your reasons are, we can help you make the necessary changes and start building your own pyramid. 

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