The Best I Have To Offer

I got pretty lucky.  When I was 15, I walked past a gym needing a job.  Within those walls, I found a catalyst into a profession that I am still head-over-heels in love with 15 years later.  I am using dramatic language and I mean every letter.  My job has evolved over the years: I have scrubbed toilets and I have worked with NFL players.  I have been fortunate to speak at events all over the globe about a science and profession I have never come close to mastering, but try really hard to at least get a grip on everyday.  As it stands today, I get to brainstorm with people who GET IT. We then get to share what we are finding to people in effort to make them live a healthier life.  We make people stronger, we help people lose weight, and we change behaviors for the overall improvement of each client that walks in the door.

I love this.

I have known for a long time that work that simply filled time was not going to be okay with me. I know this from times I have been at jobs that were not necessarily passionate about.  The only way I made it through those jobs, despite having wonderful coworkers and relationships within them, was to take some ownership on the impact I can make within that role.  This was hard when the job description was “bartending,” but I am glad I lived that life as well.  I was able to earn the perspective I needed to appreciate “my” own field.

I say all this to hopefully convey one thing: I am in this for you, and I am in this for me.  I know that when you come through NBS, I am offering you the cumulative best I have to offer.  I offer you the best facility, the best coaching, and the best environment that I know to be housed under one roof. I’m not trying to sell you a lemon car that I know is going to break down in six months.  I am hopefully giving you the tools to a more fulfilling life. I hope to help you find a way to stop existing and start thriving. I want you to squeeze every bit out of life, and I believe that starts with taking care of your physical health.

Please understand where my head is at when I recommend a training session with Christian/Bobby, or a class with Angie.  If your movement sucks, and I recommend getting with Ryan, its because I know he can help.  If you are broken and I think Tyrel and/or Yvonna can help, I am going to steer you in their doors. I am not doing this because I want to drain you of time or money, I am doing this because I think you deserve it.

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