That’s so Fu*#ing Metal!

Seeing how metal music is basically my favorite music in the whole wide world, I wanted to share a couple of tunes with you all from some bands I’ve been listening to lately. Music is a pretty important aspect in my life and I love sharing it with people, especially fellow metal heads. Since I first joined NBS, I thought I already knew of all of the metal that I ever cared to listen to, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! I swear it seems like every week I hear another band, or song and I think to myself, “man this stuff kicks ass!” Some of it is old stuff and some of it is new, but either way I like it. Just another reason why we are the best gym in Memphis. Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, here they are.

It’s safe to say that this list could probably go on forever, so I’m going to cut it off here and safe some for the future. Check some if these out if you want to hit some big pr’s. I like them and I hope you do.

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