Karen Barbieri

“Yvonna is the only person I trust for massage therapy.  She is extremely knowledgeable and as a fellow athlete understands what is needed physically to train in the gym. She always helps to solve any issues I am having whether it be sore muscles from a hard day of lifting, an injury I sustained in the gym , or the need to relax. She is flexible and adjusts based on my needs at the time.  She is easy to talk to and genuinely interested in helping people become better athletes.” – Karen Barbieri

Christian Anto

Alex Harrera

“I have been training to be a competitive bodybuilder since 2012. When I first started training I focused on two factors, training and nutrition. I neglected proper recovery for a very long time, so much that I had lost the range of mobility in my shoulder to the point that I could not even pose properly. My friends at NBS Fitness suggested I work with Yvonna Covington-Dearen to fix my problems. Yvonna was able to understand the description of shoulder pain, and lack of shoulder mobility immediately. She corrected 90% of the issue in one session. Since then I have been seeing Yvonna 2-3 times per month and she has corrected many aches and pains that I had come to see as part of life. Thanks Yvonna!!!” – Alex Harrera



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