Karen Barbieri

“Tyrel is very knowledgeable and very thorough in his treatment. Instead of treating the symptoms at the surface, Tyrel works to seek the root of the problem to prevent future injury.  He has a genuine interest in improving your health and ability to train effectively in the gym.  He spends as much time as needed with each client and provides people with suggestions to strengthen muscles that may be causing issues while training in the gym.”- Karen Barbieri

Christian Anto

Jordan Detweiler, Offensive Lineman Western Illinois University

“Tyrel has been extremely helpful in my football career. As an offensive lineman for Western Illinois University, I have had my fair share of injuries and setbacks. When playing at a high level in Division I football, having a good chiropractor is essential. Dr. Detweiler has adjusted me many times over my career, and has had a successful impact on me every time. I can recall one instance during fall camp where my foot and plantar fascia was really bothering me to the point that I could hardly walk on it. He evaluated the motion in my foot and found that some of the joints in my foot were not moving correctly, and were causing stress in my plantar fascia. After Tyrel adjusted me, it felt better immediately and the next day was as if it was never hurt. It has never bothered me again since then. Tyrel not only has been a great chiropractor, he has been a role model to me my whole life, as a big brother and a coach. He is a major reason why I’ve made it this far in my football career and in life. ” – Jordan Detweiler, Offensive Lineman Western Illinois University.

Garrett Smithson

“Tyrel really works with the needs of the patients. He takes the time to find out what is bothering you and then works the kinks out. He advises additional movements and exercises. His willingness to work with us post workout, despite or aromatic or moisture issues, is really great too.” – Garrett Smithson

Margaret Masty, ATC

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at the University of Memphis  

Dr. Detweiler is an extremely important member of the University of Memphis Sports Medicine team. He works with our varsity sports and has been a major asset to our staff. As the Track and Field and Cross Country Athletic Trainer at U of M, I see a variety of athletic and orthopedic injuries every day. I provide identification, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of these injuries. On occasion, I will face a case that stumps me. When this happens, I call in Dr. Detweiler as an extra set of eyes to help find the root of the problem in an athlete’s injury. When I have tried everything, and nothing seems to be working, Dr. Detweiler finds the piece of the puzzle that I’m missing. When we collaborate, we are able to treat the trickiest of injuries and provide relief and appropriate care for our athletes. Working with him has helped to expand the level care that we provide our athletes, as he brings new ideas and more expertise to our Sports Medicine staff.  


Dr. Detweiler’s
Mid South apine and Sports Performance


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