Dr. Detweiler looks to incorporate his experience in athletics into his treatment in order to speed recovery, maximize performance, and improve overall function. Dr. Detweiler obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri. He also holds a Master of Science in Sports Rehabilitation from Logan University.

Tyrel played offensive line at the University of Iowa which saw multiple successful seasons including wins in the Outback Bowl in 2009 vs South Carolina and the BCS Orange Bowl in 2010 vs Georgia Tech. Following his football career, Tyrel began building ties in strength sports. He competed in both powerlifting at the 275 Jr. AD class and strongman at the heavyweight class. He is also currently the Mississippi State Rep for United States Strongman.

Tyrel has provided care in the athletic field over multiple sports from high school to professional athletes including all 18 varsity sports at MIZZOU and strongman events such as the 2015 U.S.S. Strongman National Championships. He currently provides chiropractic care for all University of Memphis athletics. Dr. Detweiler has much experience with multiple soft tissue and rehabilitative therapies as well as athletic injury assessment, evaluation, and rehabilitation. He holds certifications in Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston, and MOTUS Therapeutic Methods.

Mid South apine and Sports Performance

Dr. Detweiler’s
Mid South apine and Sports Performance


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