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  • A Week In the Life: Food
    I have been working with Justin Harris for almost a year now, and having him to keep me on track this offseason has a been huge.  When we started I was 198lbs and now I am 20lbs heavier, and I’m the ...
  • Sample Arm Day at NBS
    Last Thursday I finally met up with Steven Murphy at NBS Fitness, and we decided to get in a typical bro arm session. We had a good workout, and it is always a good time catching up with Steven and ...
  • Kratky Hydroponics
    I decided to pick up a new hobby. I wanted to choose one that didn’t consist of anything to do with weight training or me having to exert much physical energy into, but something that would challenge ...
  • Christian Anto’s diet, 3 weeks out from The King of Spring powerlifting meet
    Christian came to me around Christmas of last year wanting to start following a diet plan. Anyone who knows Christian knows he has a good bit of muscle on him, and he walks around pretty lean. I knew ...

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