Tracy Dain

“When one of my coworkers recommended NBS Fitness, I was leery.  I did not trust any gym in Memphis to have a personal trainer who was interested in helping me meet my goals.  I had hired several trainers, putting my trust in them, opening up to them about how I got obese.  It isn’t easy to walk into a gym and look like I look.  I wanted a trainer who challenged me, who believed in me.

So, when I heard about NBS, I felt like it was my last option to become healthy.  I made an appointment with David.  He listened to my story and immediately assigned Christian as my trainer.

First, I have to say that walking into NBS was intimidating, but from the moment I walked in the door, I felt like I was welcome, a part of the family.  Annie showed me around and with her wit and kindness, she immediately put me at ease.  David is so intelligent and knowledgeable about nutrition and training.  Within 15 minutes, I could tell the difference between NBS and the other “gyms” in Memphis.  This was the real deal.

I can’t say enough about Christian. Christian has pushed me farther than I thought possible, he has encouraged me through bad days and good days, he’s celebrated with me when I reach each goal. He isn’t just my trainer he’s my friend.” – Tracy Dain


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