Lee Cochran

“Prior to working with Bobby, my attempt at fitness consisted of one or two health trainers and a short solo career. It was not until I partnered with Bobby that I began to notice improvements in my appearance, endurance, and strength.   These benefits are a direct result of Bobby’s exceptional knowledge in and enthusiasm for weight training.  When we started, I still held the assumption that weight training was nothing more than moving weights in a particular motion. Almost two years later, Bobby continues to teach me that weight training is so much more such as the importance of technique and form.  Bobby is extremely attentive in each session and continues to follow-up ensuring my goals are met.  He is a great teacher helping me to understand the impact of each routine on the focused muscle group.  Bobby has aided me in achieving fitness goals I never thought possible!

I also will note that Bobby brought me into NBS.  Previous to that, I traveled the Memphis gym circuit and quickly found all the gyms are the same – usually people running the machines.  Not NBS. Everyone is extremely helpful and encouraging.  And by the end of training, everyone looks to have had their asses beaten.  I am done will all the commercial gyms.  NBS is my place.  Try it!” – Lee Cochran

Jeff Bennington

“Last June I joined NBS  as a means to improve my physical strength and general fitness. I was pleasantly surprised to find NBS a  serious fitness center with David  as my senior nutritionist and trainer, and  Bobby as my personal trainer. Both gentlemen are highly knowledgable, committed professionals, and they continue providing me unswerving support to help me meet my fitness goals. I’ve made substantial improvements in my physical fitness since last June. Bobby and David and the entire NBS team are top-notch professionals and I’m looking forward to another rewarding year working with them.” – Jeff Bennington

 Param Vidwan

“Bobby has a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise and Sports, and he is on the Memphis powerlifting team.  As a result of his formal training and experience, he is very knowledgeable with the mechanics of weight lifting.    I find him helpful to stay focused and avoid injury during weight training.  I’ve been working with Bobby for the past 6 months and I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in adding weight lifting to their exercise routine.” –  Param Vidwan

Kristin Roberts

“As a 36 year old, mother of two, and with a fulltime job, I had a hard time losing the baby weight. I definitely let myself go by putting my focus on my children and husband. After looking in the mirror I finally was fed up. I was invited to visit NBS fitness, and fell in love with the place instantly. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. I decided to try a trainer out for the first time. Bobby Scott became my trainer and it has been a major blessing. He is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of fitness. He pushes me but knows my limits. Bobby is very encouraging and is always teaching me the safe and proper technique to protect me from injury. In one month I can see a major difference in my health, energy level, and body.  I have never felt so good.” – Kristin Roberts

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