Bobby Website CollageBobby is a Memphis native who graduated from Collierville High School and received his degree in Exercise Science from the University of Memphis. I love going to the beach and spending time outdoors, as long as the weather is warm, and sharing fun times with quality friends. When Bobby was twenty one, he went to the hospital for what was said to have been a very mild heart attack that was brought on by stress.  It was at that moment that Bobby realized that you only get one shot with the body and life that you have right now so you better do something cool with it.

After this event Bobby started to pursue Exercise Science as a college major and completely changed his way of life. During his final semester at the University of Memphis Bobby enrolled into the trainer development program at NBS Fitness. During this period Bobby joined the powerlifting team and discovered a new passion for training and life. Bobby enjoys being pushed as well as pushing others outside of their comfort zone because it is at this place that a person truly progresses to becoming something better, something stronger.

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