Taylor 8/26/14 RE Lower

Long day today. Finally for tags for my car this morning but got slapped with sales tax (bye $1300). Bummer. Then was slammed at work so that typically makes for a tougher session at night. Went in, got my mind right, and trashed myself pretty good.

If you haven’t read Triphasic training by Cal Dietz, you should. Homie makes some solid points and has had interesting results, especially in the department of rate of force development. Speed kills, so if I can get faster, I’ll bring a much meaner package to the next big meet I attend. I’m looking at you, Refuge Classic 2015.

Anyways, adding in some of the stuff from Dietz’s work on days/lifts where it can do the most damage. It’s not a perfect copy and strays somewhat from the original, but I am going to ride it out and see what happens. If progress is minimal, we will adjust and make it work better.

Anyways, here’s what went down today.

Sled Drag

2 forward 2 backward x65′ with 90lb

SSB Squat, 5 second eccentric

Bar x8
265x4x6. Things were ugly by the last one.

Snatch Grip RDLs

135x3x8. These hit a lot of weak points for me. Keeper.



Plank Protocol

10×10 second holds with slight flexion of trunk. Whole new ball game folks. Holy crap. Oww.


Get to press heavy on Thursday and then events on Saturday to kick off the holiday weekend. Should be fun before a deload and then Memphis Strongest Man is here.

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