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Taylor 7/8/14 ME Lower – 4 Weeks Out

Closing in on the Refuge Barbell competition. Slowly but surely making progress to get there. Grip is getting better (which is scary), and my hip extension and thoracic extension with stones is getting stronger and more efficient.

I fully realize I won’t likely pull reps with 645 come contest day, so I’m focusing on working hard to make sure I get points in the other events. I can afford a less than stellar performance there if I kill it in all the other events. That said, I know my competition will be top notch there, so one slip up can mean the difference between victory and last place. But that level of competition is what it’s all about. There’s no pride to be gained from winning small local shows. You gotta go big to win big.

Anyways, here’s what all went down:

Ok…plan for today:

a. Dynamic Warm up/Mobility- 10 minutes
b. Jump Rope- 30 work/10s rest x4
c. High Knees- each leg forward/out/across body x10
d. Speed Ladder- icky shuffle x3
e. Seated Box Jump- ~80% x10

a. Stones to 54″ (to box)

260×2 in 15 s
260×2 in 10 s
260×2 in 12 s but starting off the mat

b. SSB Anderson Squat (2-3″ above parallel)

385×2 @9.5

335×2 left quad tendon hurting at this point.

c. Farmers- 200# x max distance without dropping. 2 minute rest.

200×120′ right hand gave out first

d1. Reverse Hyper


d2. Pulldown Abs


Done. Will be back on Thursday for more. Should be able to get in some work Saturday morning before we leave for the airport. Then, vacation!

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