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Taylor 7/27/14 Last Session Before Refuge

It is done. I’ve been working towards this show since I got done with the Wounded Warrior Strongman Contest in November of last year. Yesterday was my final “tune up” per se, to run through events one last time before I deload for a week and play the mental game.

I don’t know how many athletes practice this consistently, but mentally going over events prior to competition allows me to worry about stuff on the front end. That way, if something happens on contest day, I can just bounce right back and carry on.

I’ve seen numerous potentially winning performances get completely derailed by one bad event. Once the lifter messed up once, it’s like all the fight went right out of them. Strongman can be funny like that. The problem is, you can’t give up: if your competitor screws up in a different event, you hounding every attempt might be the only way you stay in the fight to win. So slacking on any event really is unacceptable, every point makes a difference.

That said, I’ll spend much of this week poring over potential scenarios in my head: missing a log clean, dropping the farmers, etc. And then I have no fear of those happening when contest day arrives. And should, by some unfortunate chance, they do actually happen? Well, I’ll get right in after it again so I don’t lose ground. Simple as that.

Here’s what went down though:


Log Clean and Press (clean once)

Log x5
205×10 in 60 seconds.

Farmers Walk

220×75′ no time, but slightly uphill

Conans Carry

400×75′ sweat malfunctioned my grip

Deadlift (axle)



This session is really just to fire the nervous system once more before the deload. You don’t gain strength on this day, but you can get hurt. Best to blast through it and start the recovery process appropriately.

I will have a post later this week regarding what I do on meet day, since I typically don’t cut weight for meets like others do. Otherwise, time to rest, mobilize, and get mean.

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