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Taylor 7/24/14 Front Squat and Stones Tune Up

About a week and a half out from meet time now. They’ve combined the. 200 and 231 classes so now I’ll have the opportunity to go up against some heavy hitters. I’m going to have to be on point in all moving events to make a difference here. If I can avoid losing ground on the press, and not zero the deadlift, then we are looking at some potential shake up in the realm of southeastern strongman.

Also, in regards to missing posts, I’ve been out of town for a week and so have not been as good about posting workouts. Good stuff was had, including a 10 lb front squat PR, but otherwise was not eventful. Will try and catch up more this weekend if anyone needs the update.

As for the workout, I started using Alpha GPC today. It’s a bit of a nootropic, and an acetylcholine precursor, to help with focus and nervous system activation in workouts. Seemed to help, so we shall see if it keeps helping. Focus and drive has been a bit lacking in some of my workouts of late. Hoping to change all that.

Here’s what went down:

Front Squat x2

Bar x10

Belt On

Stones to 54″

230x8x1 ( 8 singles) felt blazing fast

Plank/ Bird Dog 5/4/3/2/1


Back on Saturday for one last solid workout before the precontest deload. Should be interesting!

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