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Taylor 6/3/14 Log and Front Squat 10’s

No video from today because, well, the weights aren’t that impressive really. Plus it takes a while to clean every other rep on the log, and its a bit of a boring video as a result. Anyways, was feeling kinda spent coming into today’s session, but went in and tried to get it done anyways. Ended up surviving, but it was brutal.

As an aside, I’ve made mention to numerous people in the industry how I’ve been feeling slow and sluggish with all my events lately. I just don’t seem to have the speed with stuff that I used to, even though my strength is continuing to improve. David suggested I try incorporating some jumps back into my routine, just to see if that helps wake everything back up and get me feeling snappy again. I figure since we have those sweet new jumping boxes at NBS, I might as well give it a shot. I’ll likely start incorporating some simple agility drills in as well just to help with foot speed with transitions between events when doing medleys. I’ll be interested to see the results.

As for today, here’s what went down:

Log Clean and Press (clean every other rep)

Log x8
175x3x10 <--- these suuuucckkkeed today. Kicked my butt Front Squat 135x3 185x2 225x3x10 Chest Supported Rows 55x3x10 DONE. Totally blown out after these. Was just struggling and tired, but hey, that happens. I haven't been sleeping super well so that's to be expected. Back Thursday for more fun.

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