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Taylor 6/19/14 ME Upper

First time doing log from blocks today. My low back definitely enjoyed it more, and I felt less terrible by the time the workout was done. I’m not sure where this puts me for refuge, but I should be able to hit a few reps on the 250 log and not lose too much ground I think. I believe my previous log PR is around 265, and had my 3rd rep with 245 gone better today I would have chanced it.

Oh well. Also battle ropes are surprisingly terrible. I knew they would be but tonight just proved it. And I didn’t spontaneously combust from doing it similar to a crossfit WOD. The two sports can coexist. Robert Oberst, one of the premier WSM competitors now, wrote and article that received tons of negative commentary. One knucklehead even mentioned the author “must be a crossfitter”. OB’s basic point was that the iron sports are varied so everyone can play. You pick what you like and you do it, just so long as you DO SOMETHING.

The fact that there’s so much unfounded hatred astounds me. Yes there are dumb coaches out there doing dumb things. There’s also dumb powerlifters, strongmen, runners, foot coaches, basketball coaches, you name it. If it gets people moving and doing, why do you care? Plus, strongman as a sport is swinging back to more conditioning oriented medleys. Strength will always be important but we need to know how to MOVE. We shall see how many figure this out. Time to adapt or get left behind.

Anyways, rant over. Didn’t get good video today, but here’s what went down.

Warmup, box jumps, jump rope, throws etc

Log Clean and Press from Block

Log x10

Close Grip Bench

Bar x10
195×5 @8

One Arm DB Press


DB Row, Strict, No Straps


Band Pull Aparts

Monster Mini x2x25

Band Punch Downs

Grey x2x25

Alt DB Curls


Battle Ropes (had a partner so rests were his work period)

20s on, 20 s off
30 s on
40 s on
50 s on
60 s on
50 s on
40 s on
30 s on
20 s on. Fin.


Had an interesting time washing my hair. Back on Saturday for events!


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