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Taylor 6/10/14 Uber Deload

Well, it finally happened. I went about 3 cycles without a deload before I finally crashed out. Everything was feeling good so I wanted to ride the wave and see where it got me. I made solid gains in strength again, and have gotten significantly more proficient at cleaning every rep on the log. All good things.

However, I reached zombie status where everything was irritating me, I wasn’t sleeping well no matter what, and my appetite started to dwindle. For anyone that doesn’t know me, my appetite had been borderline legendary since high school. When it takes a hit is always my immediate sign to back down and rest.

As such, this became a deload week. It ends up working out ok because my wife is going on a mission trip to Nicaragua starting Sunday and will be gone around 8 days, so there’s a lot to do to get her ready to travel and make sure I’ve got the week at home covered.

As for training, I have deloads where I continue to train and deloads where I pretty much drop everything to recover. This is the latter. My primary focus is mainly mobility for the week , with core stabilization training and some sprinting/jumping thrown in, but nothing crazy. The goal is RECOVER.

On a programming note, we may make a few tweaks leading up to the Refuge Barbell Classic, mainly just to accommodate to events and plan for me taking a family vacation in July prior to the contest. And then we will turn around and try to get ready for Tennessee’s Strongest Man in September. Busy fall , but such is the nature of the sport. Time to grind it out and qualify for Reno!

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