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Taylor 5/8/14 Deads and Axle 5’s

Had a tough day at work today and was worn out and exhausted by the time I made it in to the gym. One of those days where I’m glad I dragged myself in, but damn was it a struggle to get there. Ended up eating a bit too much before I went in I think, which crashed me even more. I’ll definitely be more careful next time. Anyways, here’s what went down:

Deadlifts, from the floor





370x3x5 (3 sets of 5)


Axle Press, from Rack

Axle x8




215x3x5 (3 sets of 5) <– wrist finally feeling better. Upper back is worn out though



BW x3x12, with negatives thrown in when I couldn’t do 12 straight reps



225×30, 30, 40 (100 total reps, AFSAP)


Palloff Press

50x3x10 <– I added these back in because I feel like my yoke and farmers progress really fast when I’m doing anti-movements (anti flexion, anti extension, anti rotation) for trunk strengthening. So, I figured what better time to add them back in? Plus, I struggle with these, especially to maintain a tight trunk and not substitute anything.



Overall, very good session. Deads felt light and fast. The new form is doing wonders for me, and I’m feeling glutes engage with every rep and the weight is flying off the floor. I’m just glad to have my hips engaged finally. Axle felt sluggish and kind of heavy, but I toasted my upper back on Tuesday so that’s to be expected.

I’m also enjoying the new switch to Tues/Thurs/Saturdays. I get to sleep in a bit the days after these workouts because I’m not scheduled at work until 9 am. Originally this was because I was training in the morning. But now? I feel 100x better training later at night and am continuing to make gains. It does suck timing wise with my wife though, because she often wakes up early to train, so she’s nearly falling asleep by the time I get home. We’ll find a way to work it out though.

Back Saturday for events and prowler hell.

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