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Taylor 5/6/14 Log and Front Squat 10’s

If events day is the best day, rep day suuuucks. I know it’s all part of the bigger plan, and reps will build the muscle to make me stronger, but damn it sucks doing 10 reps of ANYTHING. Without giving too much away, my programming is set up with oscillating days of 10’s, 5’s and 3’s. How and how much they wave is not for me to say, but safe to say, it’s working. I’m getting stronger on this plan, feel less beat up, and am generally excited to see how far it takes me. I’ll be running the plan in its current stage until we get closer to my August show, then we’ll probably adjust the events to more contest specific ones. Otherwise, I like where things are going currently.

As for today, here’s what went down:


Log Clean and Press (clean every other rep)

Log x8


175x3x10 ( 3 sets of 10. Turrible) Actually got lightheaded on these.


Front Squats



225x3x10 <– had trouble getting my breath on these. Weird.


Pendlay Rows



Reverse Hypers





It was a good session overall. I weighed in at 231, so my weight is holding steady on slightly reduced cals, and significantly cleaner calories as well. Glad to see my body is adjusting to the change in macros without significant issue. As for the training, cleaning every other rep is a ploy to get me used to lapping the log frequently. In essence, as I get tired, I have to remain explosive in the clean. There’s always the chance a press could go wrong and you have to ditch it. In which case, being able to clean efficiently when you feel like steaming fecal matter mid contest is a useful trait. Hopefully it pays off.

Back thursday for deads and axle.

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