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Taylor 5/3/14 Events Day Is the Best Day

As I sit here watching the Ninja Turtles, I’m realizing through the brain fog how much events can take out of me. It’s that “need to nap to replenish” tired though, not that “i’m probably going to die” feeling. Just another sign that my diet adjustments and training are on point again. I haven’t had the best nights’ sleeping the past week so I’m pleased to be able to turn out a session like today.

Based on the AMRAP block pulls, I can honestly say my cardiovascular strength is improving as well. I managed to do two 1 minute AMRAP’s without dying, which is an improvement, I think. My yoke runs were smooth and fast after the initial suck of the first one. I probably could have kept going, but for the sake of my spine I figured I’d limit it to 5 runs today. Good news is that each run was faster than the last, so I’m getting better. Looks like I’m still leaning a little too far forward towards the end of the run as I’m trying to pick up speed. Need to work on my thoracic erector strength a bit and see if that helps me stabilize.

Here’s what went down though:



Tire Flips


650x6x3 <–little sluggish on my transitions


Yoke Walk


600×50′ in 18 s

600×50′ in 13.2 s

600×50′ in 13.0 s

600×50′ in 12.2 seconds (video)


18″ Deadlifts


315×20 in 60s

315×20 in 60s




Working with David on some more writing opportunities for the NBS site soon. Should be interesting to see what all he comes up with for the roll out, and it will bring some great information to the site (and hopefully spread the reach a bit). ¬†We keep having technical difficulties filming the Hip Mobility video. One of these days we’ll get it right and bring the learn and the pain.

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