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Taylor 5/31/14 Events Day

Events day was a bit of a shambles today. I deviated from the plan because I had something to prove and didn’t feel like doing speed yokes. Which is shit excuse, but you know, sometimes you just have to have a PR day. Went HAM on some farmers, and hit a nice PR thanks to some well timed shamecasting. I’ve got work to do so, yeah, it’s time I do it. I was tripping over my own feet on the run with 250, which was irritating, but I will get better. Here’s what went down:

Farmers Walks

290×25′ <-- PR! Axle 18" Deadlift 315x5 405x4 <-- low back felt rough so I stopped here. DONE. Going to continue to ride this program for a while until the progression fails and then reassess. Still weighing right at 230, but feeling sluggish, and I'm not sure if it's sleep/health related, but regardless, I don't feel like I'm moving well. May be adjusting a bit to increase my athleticism a bit, as I think it's grossly undervalued in strongman today, and the most athletic folks are who are winning shows now. Not just the strongest guys.

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