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Taylor 5/27/14 Log and Front Squat 5’s

Had a solid session again yesterday. Not feeling too terrible overall, albeit a bit sore. Cleaning every rep on the log is kicking my ass, but it’s going to make me a hell of a lot stronger on the press and clean. Weights I used to struggle with just pressing every rep are getting easier and I’m adding the difficulty of cleaning each one.

I’m also retooling my nutrition a smidge since I have a grill now, so I can prep more food at once instead of only using the oven (which irritates me). Nothing really changing in the way of macros, since I’m sitting around 231-2 every time I weigh in, just cleaning up the food types a bit to make sure I stay healthy.

As for the training, I cut the reps down a bit on the accessories for biceps and triceps because my elbows were feeling a bit crummy. Not a big deal yet, I just know I’m prone to tendonosis in those areas so I don’t want it to get back before I address it. Here’s what went down though:

Log Clean and Press (clean every rep)

Log x8

Front Squats


Pendlay Row


Cable Straight Bar Curls


OH Band Extensions

Avg x2x25

KB Swings

36kg x2x15

Side Bridge

2x30s each side


Back Thursday for deadlifts.

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