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Taylor 5/10/14 Events Day

A day late catching up on my log, but I’m doing better with consistency here. Chilling on the couch on Mother’s Day fixing to do some mobility work after I write this thing up, because yesterday’s work has me all out of sorts. Nothing necessarily hurts, I’m just stiff and sore and need to get moving better. I suppose such is to be expected after the work I did, but hey, such is the curse of training hard.

I’m still having some struggles sleeping well, so I’m looking into options to help settle that down. I know of a few reputable supplement companies with safe and non habit forming options to facilitate better sleep. I already do a good job of trying to limit screen time and stims in the evening, as well as try to wind down for a while before I crash, but lately I’m still struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep.

One big potential culprit is stress. I’ve been blessed to be able to limit stress at home with the help of my wonderful wife, but unfortunately work is chaotic and looks to remain that way for the forseeable future. I’m trying to find ways to get stress down at work, but that’s proving easier said than done. Hoping to make a dent soon, but we shall see.

In the meantime, training continues, and we soldier on. Here’s what went down:

Keg Carry (40′ runs)

230×8.6 s

230×6.7 s

230×6.9 s

230×7.1 s

230×6.9 s


Atlas Stones (48″ bar)



300x4x3 (4 sets of 3)


Prowler, Max Distance in 10′

4 plates x640′ <– PR




Well spent after this one. Been trying to eat and rehydrate since yesterday and I’m still struggling. Gains cometh, however.

Also, stayed tuned to the articles section this week. My monthly mobility/prehab/rehab spot starts this week. Keep an eye out each month, as I’ll be addressing topics from questions asked in the gym as well as providing ideas for mobility and prehab stuff to prevent injuries in the first place.

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