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Taylor 4/30/14 Heavy DL and Axle – 13 Weeks Out

Just counted. I’m 13 weeks out from the Refuge Barbell Classic. It’s going to be my first meet of the contest season and promises to be a doozy. Generally the people that show up to Derek’s contest are the strongest and fastest in the area, so that’s exactly why I want to go : to find out where I stand with some of the best. We never achieve greatness by hanging around the same folks all the time. We must be tested to truly find out what we are.

That said, I had a solid session today. Deadlift felt amazin, axle felt like fecal matter. Oh well. Here’s what went down:



Deadlift, from the floor






Add Belt

410x3x3 <– felt solid and good. Awesome!


Axle Press, from Rack





240x3x3 <– R wrist still feels like crap. Don’t know what’s going on, but may have to limit pressing soon if it doesn’t improve.



BW x3x8



Skipped these because the traction on my wrist doing pullups didn’t feel great


GHR Med Ball Twists

12x2x20 <— these were new, and nasty.




Other than my right wrist, everything is feeling solid. I’ve been doing some reading on what Stuart McGill (the back genius PT) did for Brian Carroll and realize the sensibility of it. Movement must be perfect throughout the day to avoid further stressing injured tissues. I think this may be a solution for my back pain that seems to be bothering me at work. Of course, I tend not to be in good positions when I bend over to treat my shorter kiddos, so I need to find a way to remedy this. Will be back Saturday for more events and fun.

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