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Taylor 4/28/14 Log and Front Squat Rep Work

It’s so nice knowing that I’m actually doing my rep schemes right. On the flip side, its a bummer finding out that I’m so damn out of shape. Strongman is such a tricky wench, and requires oscillations back and forth with fitness and strength to make the optimal competition athlete. I know this, but yet still struggle with it on the regular. It’s hard for a former runner capable of a sub 4:40 mile to realize he’s no longer cardiovascularly fit, if even for a short while.

The plan I have in place will definitely fix this, I just need to trust in the process and let it work. I will get stronger, I will get faster, and my conditioning will improve. Just have to be patient is all. Sheesh.

All that said, cleaning every rep is nasty. Wore me out. And intra workout carbs are amazin. Haven’t been doing this for a while, but holy hell everything felt nice and explosive liftwise despite me otherwise feeling kind of crappy. Anyways, here’s what went down:

Log C&P (clean every rep)

Log x8


175×3 clean every rep



Front Squats




240x3x5 <– upper back was smoked here


Pendlay Row



DB Curls

20# x5x20


V Grip Pushdowns

90x3x25 <– someone took my station and I didn’t care to wait



3×1 minute. I still suck at these.



Hoping to be back a bit better and tougher come Wednesday. Heavier deads are on the agenda. I will say though that switching back to 40/30/30 (c/p/f) macro breakdowns has me feeling significantly better during the day, and I have more energy to train, and my stomach isn’t all riled up at night anymore. I think I’ll keep it like this for now until other needs arise.

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