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Taylor 4/16/14 Deadlifts and Axle Pressing

Back at it again yesterday. None the worse for wear from Monday, albeit a bit sore. As I write this now, though, I’m amazed at how brutally sore my upper back is. I think I finally figured out how to properly shrug. So elite.

Also, took an interesting gamble tonight and knocked out my deadlifts beltless. My thought being that if it’s at or under 80%, I shouldn’t have significant issue performing beltless from a stability/safety standpoint, and in the long run it should help with overall strength. However, with my tendency to crab back at heavy weights I’ll stick with my belt and keep my spleen within my body, thanks. And honestly, it felt pretty good, even if my glutes weren’t firing well from all the damn log cleans I did Monday.

Axle felt slightly sluggish tonight for whatever reason. Never felt heavy in the rack position or anything, I just had some difficulty finding the groove. Of course when I did about the 3rd rep of the 3rd set, it practically flew through the roof. Need to be more aware of my warmups I think and spend more time getting in the groove instead of just jumping into weights too fast. I know better than that.

Anyways, here’s what went down:



BB Complexes, Light Plyos, Contract-Relax Hip Flexors into extension


Deadlift, from the floor







Axle Press, from rack





Chin ups

BWx3x12 (lots of negatives towards the end)


BB Shrugs

225×100 (sets of 20)


Leg Raise to Hip Thrust





Will try to get footage of that ab exercise next time I train it. It’s definitely a fun one and worth keeping in, especially when my grip/shoulders can’t always tolerate toes to bar. Since I have to work this weekend, I’ll be back in the gym Friday morning to knock out my events work. Not optimal, but such is life. Training some more folks for the ambulance pull early on too. Should be a fun one!

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