So this week I pretty much screwed up my training by letting my ego get in the way and not follow programming protocol. Days one and two are suppose to be medium intensity which for the past several weeks (even after being told) I get caught up and go too heavy. This caused me to miss a lift on Wednesday. Lesson learned and starting today I will be making it a point to follow the programming prescription to a “T”. David is an amazing programmer and I am doing nothing but hurting my potential come April. Today was Max Effort (ME) squats, and I ended up going too light! So I went to heavy on the moderate days and ended up going to light on the heavy days. As stated before “lesson learned” next week will be on track and there should be some crazy numbers being thrown around come Thursday for you guys.

Squat non comp w/chain (comp stance): 4×1@ 440+4-6-8-10 chain 1×1@ 490+6 chain
Opposite Stance Deadlifts w/chains off matts (use 3 mats per side): 4×1@ 495+4 chain

2 Low back exercises 3×10-15
Pin Goodmornings: 3×10@ 110 (low straps on Mono)
Reverse Hyper: 3×10@ 180
2 Ab exercises 3×10-15
Reverse Crunches: 3×10@ BW
Standing Rope Cable Crunches: 3×15@ 60


This week starts the last of our Eccentric Mesocycle. All the weights will hopefully be heavier than when we started 2 weeks ago.

Yoke Bar Box Squat 2×2 (5 second negative) (set the box below parallel)@ 375
Cambered Bar Wide Stance Good mornings 2×2 (5 second negative)@ 335

3 Hamstring exercises 3xMax
1) Partner leg drops: 3xmax@ BW (9.5-7-11)
2) Seated banded hamstring curls: 3xmax@ light blue (27-25-24)
3) TRX Body Curls 3xmax@ BW (20-17-20)

3 Glute Exercises 3xMax
1) Pull throughs: 3xmax@ 100-120 (20)
2) Rev. Hyp. Long strap feet out: 3xmax@ 125 (15)
3)BW Hip Thrusters: 100