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Why Is Strength Training Important In Golf?

In the past, strength training in golf has been a highly debated topic. However, times are changing. Strength training is important in every sport, even in golf. That’s right, I said it! Proper strength training, on a regular basis, will help prepare a golfer for the physical demands put on their body, reduce risk of injury (lower back pain) and increase force production (ability to hit it further). When I say strength training, I’m not talking about becoming a elite bodybuilder, or even an elite power lifter like NBS’ own Christian Anto.

In fact, strength training in golf involves entirely different components. Why is that? Unlike bodybuilding and power lifting, golf is a rotary ballistic sport. Tremendous stress is put on the muscles and joints with each swing, specifically in the shoulders, lower back and hips. It’s important that your strength-training program focuses on these particular muscle groups. Also, important to remember, depending on where you are at in the season, (pre, during, post), your training program will vary and the goals you are trying to achieve will change.

How do you implement a strength training program that will reflect your golf game? Work with a professional that can design a strength training program for your specific needs. Why is this important? Your body works in a series of mobile and stable joints. There is not one specific way to swing a club. However, there is one efficient way for every individual to swing the club regardless of your swing. The best way for any golfer to figure out what his or her individual needs is to work with a TPI certified professional.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to New Orleans and learn from some of the best at TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). The goal of TPI is to show golfers how the body relates to the golf swing. As TPI professionals, it’s our job to prepare the body for the physical demands of golf and to ensure the swing is efficient for each individual person.

How is this done? We accomplish these goals by what is called the Body Swing Connection. In short, The Body Swing Connection consists of 16 physical screens that allow you to identify physical limitations affecting the golfer’s ability for an efficient swing and how to get them back on track and prevent them from any injury. Once the physical limitations are established, your TPI professional can begin the process of correcting them. As professionals, we don’t always know what is causing the limitation, but through a series of exercises we can start to see the actions needed to correct them. For example, if an athlete fails the glutebridge test, I will then take them through a series of exercises to see if there is an activation problem or just a lack of muscle strength. This allows me to then create a program to get the athlete on track in accomplishing their goals. So, if you’re a golfer trying to better your game, a golfer trying to hit it further or just a golfer trying to get rid of lower back pain, I suggest you go out and find a TPI certified professional to help you, especially with the off-season approaching!

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